Fisica Computazionale della Materia 2015 (Giovanni Bachelet e Saverio Moroni)

If one had a great calculating machine, one might apply it to the problem of solving the Schrödinger equation for each metal and obtain thereby the interesting physical quantities, such as the cohesive energy, the lattice constant, and similar parameters. It is not clear, however, that a great deal would be gained by this. Presumably the results would agree with the experimentally determined quantities and nothing vastly new would be learned from the calculation. It would be preferable instead to have a vivid picture of the behavior of the wave functions, a simple description of the essence of the factors which determine cohesion and an understanding of the origins of variation in properties [...]
E.P. Wigner and F. Seitz, Solid State Physics 1, 97 (1955)

schema del corso (qui anche in pdf); programma in forma breve; new! calendario delle lezioni new! (G = Giovanni; S = Saverio)
lezioni: ore 14-16 martedí (laboratorio di calcolo, 2º piano Fermi) e venerdí (aula 8, 4º piano Fermi)
lunedí ore 11-13, stanza 304 Fermi
attenzione: tutti gli studenti sono invitati al convegno Computer simulations for condensed phase systems (4-6 maggio)

1ª settimana

3/3/2015 (GS), 6/3/2015 (G)

2ª settimana

3ª settimana

4ª settimana

5ª settimana

31/3/2015 (S), 3/4/2015

6ª settimana

7/4/2015, 10/4/2015 (G)

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9ª settimana

28/4/2015 (S), 1/5/2015

10ª settimana

5/5/2015 (GS), 8/5/2015 (S)

11ª settimana

12/5/2015 (G), 15/5/2015 (S)

12ª settimana

19/5/2015 (G), 22/5/2015 (S)

13ª settimana

26/5/2015 (S), 29/5/2015 (G)

14ª settimana

2/6/2015, 5/6/2015

15ª settimana

9/6/2015 (G), 12/6/2015 (G)